The HIGHFOAM brand has been producing mattresses for over 10 years. The quality of our products is confirmed by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Consumers from all over Hungary have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Quality and health care are the main criteria for production. The HIGHFOAM brand provides a warranty on its products up to 60 months.

Our company has vast experience in creating the best mattresses and pillows. And the status of one of the leaders in the European market is an excellent incentive for the development and improvement of our technologies and products.

The warranty does not apply to products:

  • which were damaged as a result of non-compliance by the buyer with the rules of transportation and operation
  • with signs of self-repair or outside interference
  • without warranty card and receipt of payment.


  1. Regardless of the manufacturer, the new mattress may have a smell that disappears and disappears forever in a day or two, so do not rush to immediately change or return it.
  2. Mattresses are for personal use, therefore, if you are not sure that the mattress is suitable for you, we recommend that you relax on it without removing its packaging.
  3. The warranty period is much less than the real term. Our mattresses serve for years.
  4. To increase the maximum life of the mattress, we recommend periodically turning over and carefully operating the mattress.

For service and quality issues, call: 06 70 624 4114, 06 30 600 1199