Return Policy

Return of goods

  1. Refund of the amount of payment or replacement of goods in the event of an obvious manufacturing defect, but subject to the use of the goods for their intended purpose.
  2. If it is impossible for us to fulfill the order for which the advance payment has been accepted.
  3. Refunds are made on the following terms: in cash or refunded to a bank card, depending on how the payment was made.

Goods are accepted in cases:

  • if it was not in use;
  • presentation in perfect condition;
  • not damaged: packaging, seals, labels, sales receipt;
  • consumer properties preserved.

Warranty Terms:

  • Regardless of the manufacturer, the new mattress may have a smell that disappears and disappears forever in a day or two, so do not rush to change or return it immediately.
  • Mattresses are for personal use, therefore, if you are not sure that the mattress is suitable for you, we recommend that you relax on it without removing its packaging.
  • Remember that the warranty period and the life of the mattress are not the same thing, that is, our mattresses last much longer. With periodic overturning and careful operation, the mattress will serve you for many years.
  • Claims regarding the design and configuration of the mattress after the sale of the product are not accepted.

Attention! Dear Clients,

Be sure to match the size of the mattress before opening the package!

Damaged and used mattresses are not exchangeable or refundable. Without a receipt and warranty card, goods are not accepted.


  • after opening the mattress packaging, ventilate the product from 24 to 72 hours;
  • store mattresses in a horizontal position;
  • lay the mattress on an orthopedic base or horizontal rigid surface, which has openings for ventilation;
  • during operation, turn the mattress at least 2 times a year;
  • protect facing fabrics with a mattress cover and a mattress cover;
  • clean with a dry soft brush or a damp soapy cloth.


  • use the product for other purposes;
  • bend the mattress in width and length;
  • jump to the surface;
  • lay on smaller substrates;
  • wash, iron, dry clean.