Pillow Highfoam Noble Lolliwave

Pillow Highfoam Noble Lolliwave

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  • Brand: Highfoam
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Ergonomic pillow Highfoam Noble Lolliwave with lavender scent perfectly adapts to the contours of the neck and head helps to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders and creates a therapeutic position during sleep.

HIGHFOAM™ LAVANDER is violet-color memory foam, which is enriched with natural lavender essential oils. Viscoelastic foam distributes the human body`s pressure during sleep and improves sleeper`s health. The effectiveness of this material lies in its unique ability to reduce pressure, provide comfortable support to the body, and prevent pain that occurs due to prolonged immobility (for example, night sleep). 

Memory foam ideally adapts to the shape and weight of a person’s body, distributing the load in areas of body pressure on the bed. Thanks to this, regardless of the position a person sleeps, his spine is always in the correct anatomical position. All muscle groups are fully relaxed, and blood circulates without any obstacles. Exclusive technology for gentle LAVANDER foam enrichment with essential oils lavender extract fully preserves the properties of natural components and has a positive effect on the human body.  

Products with HIGHFOAM™ LAVANDER are recommended to:

  • People who take care of their health
  • People with blood circulation problems
  • People with the spine and  cervical spine osteochondrosis 
  • People prone to cramps while lying down


  • Anti-insomnia technology
  • Effective orthopedic support
  • Q-Dry and Soft pillow cover maintains comfortable body temperature during rest

Filling: HiGHFOAM™ memory foam

Sizes: 59 х 43 х 10 сm

Made in: Ukraine

Category: Pillows


flavored; hypoallergenic; Orthopedic; Under the head; Under the neck; Ergonomic
Foam combined
18 months
Pillow height
10 cm
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