Pillow Highfoam Noble Bliss

Pillow Highfoam Noble Bliss

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  • Brand: Highfoam
  • Collection: Noble
  • Vendor code: 100-91

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Highfoam Noble Bliss pillow with high flexibility reduces pressure on the muscles during rest. The classic-shaped pillow is perfect for those who like to sleep on their stomach. The core of the pillow is a unique material Latex Like. Latex Like is a new generation of more durable and functional foam.


  • The foam is hypoallergenic, recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • Due to the open-cells surface, it retains heat in cold weather, does not heat up when it is hot, self-ventilates
  • Does not absorb odors and does not smell
  • Does not go astray or creak
  • There are no bacterias in Latex Like foam; saprophytes and other parasites cannot breed
  • It has orthopedic properties. Due to its flexibility, it evenly fills the voids by being pressed in maximum load zones
  • Does not require washing, preventive washing, or any other care, is more durable than natural Latex
  • Distributes pressure. This feature contributes to greater relaxation, proper blood circulation


  • Latex Like foam


  • Bliss L: 59x43x12 cm
  • Bliss M: 59x43x10 cm
  • Bliss Mini: 41,5x24x11 cm

Made in: Ukraine

Category: Pillows


hypoallergenic; Orthopedic; Under the head; Under the neck; Ergonomic
Latex synthetic
18 months
Pillow height
10 cm; 11 cm; 12 cm
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