How to choose a mattress for a child?

How to choose a mattress for a child?
17/10/2019 15:12:54

How to choose the right mattress for a baby's crib?

Approach the task of "how to choose a mattress for a child" with all responsibility. After all, the correct posture and sweet sleep of a child is one of the important moments on the way to adulthood. An important criterion for selecting a mattress for a child is hypoallergenicity, as well as the durability of the children's mattress, on which children like to play and jump.

Features that influence the choice of crib accessories will help you make the right purchase.

Types and models

Which mattress to choose for your child is spring or springless? Orthopedists are inclined to agree - best springless. This species has clear advantages over the first:

  • correctly distributes pressure to different parts of the body;
  • has an orthopedic effect;
  • does not accumulate dust;
  • safe and practical for children's games and jumps;
  • will last longer.

Alternatively, you can purchase a spring mattress with an independent spring unit. It creates a perfectly flat condition for the child's spine and does not fall like a hammock.

Degree of rigidity

Deciding to choose a children's mattress, pay attention to its rigidity. The choice directly depends on the age of the child, when it is important to monitor the process of formation of the musculoskeletal system:

  • for a crumb which is not yet 3 years old, it is possible to get the model of high rigidity made of coconut fiber;
  • older children are better to buy a model of medium or moderate stiffness, which is optimal for the proper formation of the spine and posture.

Materials and fillers

The child's body is more prone to allergies. When choosing a mattress for a child, pay attention to the natural composition of the fillers, which:

  • will maintain optimal body temperature;
  • will not create electrostatic voltage;
  • do not cause allergic reactions;

Among the materials used for the manufacture of children's orthopedic mattresses, the most common are: latex, both natural and synthetic, coconut coir, polyurethane foam.

Pay attention to the mattress cover. The right choice is a practical and environmentally friendly Twinkle material with hypoallergenicity and good breathability.


Before buying a crib mattress, take measurements. The bed should be perfectly flat, without bumps and bulges, and as safe as possible. A mattress that is too large will not fit in the crib, which will lead to discomfort, and a small one will create gaps in which the handle or leg of the baby can get stuck. The most popular sizes of children's mattresses for kids of 60х120 and 65х125 cm, for the senior children from 3 years are 80х190 and 90х190 cm.

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