How to choose a mattress?

How to choose a mattress?
17/10/2019 15:03:19

The whole truth about mattresses or how to choose a mattress

A comfortable and healthy sleep directly depends on the correct equipment of the bed. How to choose the right mattress so that it meets all the necessary parameters of quality and comfort, is not very soft or not too hard, can withstand the load and serve for a long time? For the correct selection of a mattress, you need to know some basic points.

Design features of mattresses

Before buying a mattress, you should understand the design features of different models in order to make the best choice. There are two main types on the market today: spring and springless, which differ in spring effect and stiffness. How is the mattress better underneath and which one is more comfortable to sleep on? First of all, the selection of a mattress is influenced by physiological characteristics, medical indications and personal preference.

Spring mattress models

This type is divided into two categories with different spring blocks:

  • Dependents "Bonnell". Each spring is held together by a steel wire spiral. When pressed, they react simultaneously, which creates some discomfort for the sleeping person next to it. More details
  • Independent. Each spring is housed in a separate thick fabric cover. When pressed, the springs act independently of each other, distributing the load more evenly and adjusting to the shape of the sleeper. More details

Springless mattress models

In doubt which mattress is best for you? Pay attention to the springless type models.

The basis of such products can be monolithic or from stacked layers without the presence of metal structures. This makes it possible to produce mattresses with any degree of hardness: from soft latex to hard types from coconut coir. Very comfortable springless models with different filling options are presented by the manufacturer HIGHFOAM with 20 years of experience.

  • Natural latex. Natural filler is a soft, resilient foam with a porous structure. Follows the contours of the body, keeping the spine in - the correct position. More details
  • Synthetic materials (polyurethane foam, non-natural latex, waterlatex, etc.). Rigid enough, elastic products perfectly withstand significant loads. Many have a "memory effect". More details
  • Latex coconut coir. Natural filler with a rigid surface and a high level of anatomy. For lovers of a hard bed or a doctor's recommendation for people with back problems - this is the best option. More details

How to choose a mattress?

Do you want to choose a high-quality and reliable mattress for your bed, which will provide you with a full healthy sleep? The main criteria for choosing a mattress should be taken into account: weight, age and health. This is what we'll figure out now!

Orthopedists believe that it is best for well-fed people to sleep on hard mattresses, thin people - on soft ones, people of average build can enjoy any mattress. However, mattresses of medium hardness are preferable. For heavier people, firm mattresses are definitely recommended.

Age is very important when choosing a mattress, doctors recommend that people in old age buy soft mattresses so as not to provoke complications with the spine and blood circulation.

If you choose a mattress for two, you should opt for a spring mattress with independent springs; if one of the spouses turns over, the other half of the mattress remains motionless. Highfoam has developed a unique mattress for couples - a springless mattress with an orthopedic monoblock, which consists of two parts: male and female.

The mattress should fully match the size of the bed, should not be too short or too long. Calculate the mattress correctly - it's very easy - 20 cm more than your height.

Our online store presents a wide range of orthopedic mattresses, different types of hardness and fillers. If you need to choose the right mattress, then contact us. A good mattress is an investment in health and restful sleep.


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