Solid alder wood bed T.Q. Project Bonavita

Solid alder wood bed T.Q. Project Bonavita

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  • Solid alder wood bed T.Q. Project Bonavita
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  • Brand: TQ Project
  • Collection: Bonavita
  • Vendor code: 100-201

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The Bonavita bed by T.Q.Project is stylish, refined, and casual elegance.

Bonavita has graceful attributes of the Scandinavian style, namely: a dynamic headboard and lightweight legs. The Bonavita's headboard has a comfortable curve that is easy to lean on. The narrowed to the floor bed legs visually lightens the reliable and stable construction. We manufacture the bed from natural solid alder - one of the most popular woods in the furniture industry, which guarantees reliability and durability. The bed frame has the belt lamella with the optional distance between them. Alder is known for its pleasant, even, and smooth texture. It also has a noble reddish-pink hue, reminiscent of a valuable "mahogany." Alder wood is soft, but at the same time remains a durable and reliable wood. Such material is resistant to humidity changes, exposure to water, and various cracks. It also holds screws and glues well. Alder has brilliant energy and symbolizes calmness and well-being in the house. It can cleanse a person's energy channels, taking away stagnant negative energy what reduces tension and nervousness.

T.Q. Project is a high-technology and progressive company that manufactures natural solid wood furniture using state-of-art equipment and production technology.

T.Q. Project products are the guarantee of quality, environmental safety, convenience, and comfort!


  • Laconic design
  • Scandinavian style
  • Stable construction
  • High-quality solid alder
  • Wide colors range


  • Frame: solid alder
  • Optional mattress base: lamella belt frame (the distance between the lamellas is 4.5 cm)
  • European, environmentally friendly paints and varnishes
  • Reliable, durable fittings of EU origin
  • Has no lifting mechanism

Bed dimensions

  • Headboard height: 875 mm
  • Length: +125 mm to the berth length
  • Width: +100 mm to the berth width

Berth dimensions: 800*1900/2000, 900*1900/200, 1200*1900/2000, 1400*1900/2000, 1600*1900/2000, 1800*1900/2000, 2000*2000  mm
Manufacturer: T.Q .Project
Category: Wooden beds


TQ Project
18 months
Interlamella distance, cm
4,5 cm
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